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You will find below the horoscope of Jiddu Krishnamurti with his interactive chart, an excerpt of his astrological portrait and his planetary dominants. Most people with a deep interest in astrology, especially Vedic Astrology, are spiritually oriented. This leads to a particular interest in viewing.

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Can we attack that error? So the brain demands at all times to be secure, whether it is false, whether it is real, whether it is absurd, whether it is superstitious - you understand? K: Study. Jean Rochefort. Create Chart. What do you consider is life? Q: The brain.

Separately from the instances where he or his philosophy were the main subjects, Krishnamurti or his works have been peripherally cited since the midth-century in a wide variety of such journals. The libretto , by Englishman Peter Wells is loosely based on Krishnamurti's life during the time between his "discovery" by Charles Webster Leadbeater and the start of his career as an independent speaker and teacher following the dissolution of the Order of the Star, roughly covering the same time-period as Mary Lutyens' Krishnamurti: The Years of Awakening , listed here.

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Article in Back Stage West magazine. Los Angeles theatre artist Kim Terrell said that she has come to integrate the teachings of Indian spiritual writer Jiddu Krishnamurti and Stanislavsky on the importance of awareness. Article in The Los Angeles Times about collaborative, modern dance and puppet theater work choreographed by Joe Goode, which "incorporates bits of text from A search conducted 31 December at WorldCat for subject "Krishnamurti, Jiddu" returned over results [ "Search for Library items".

Since the s and as of [update] he has been referenced in works or classified either by his given name Krishnamurti or by his family name Jiddu , or in some cases variations such as Jeddu , usually pre ; in general, he was often referred to by the given name only]. Lutyens a , p. White thinks that this biography, and generally, "much else written about Krishnamurti Originally published in two volumes, this was presented as an occult biography of Krishnamurti's reputed past lives.

Alcyone was the pseudonym assigned to Krishnamurti in by his then mentor, influential Theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater , who had determined Krishnamurti was likely to be the "vehicle" for the so-called Maitreya or World Teacher , a messianic entity. This book by Leadbeater and Besant, then President of the Theosophical Society , describes forty-eight purported reincarnations of Krishnamurti. Lutyens a , pp.

Krishnamurti's past lives were reputedly recorded via clairvoyant investigations by Leadbeater, who was highly respected for his occult knowledge and abilities by Theosophists.

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The record of "extraordinary" past lives was offered in support of the authors' claims regarding Krishnamurti's likely messianic status. The majority of contemporary Theosophists believed the material regarding "Alcyone's lives" to be genuine and important. However it also added to or started disputes within Theosophical circles, and has for various reasons been considered controversial inside and outside Theosophy.

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Among the more obvious reasons: the work's doctrinal nature, and Krishnamurti's later, strongly negative stance towards such matters. There is no indication that Krishnamurti was involved or cooperated in any way in the production of works about Alcyone's "lives". Other reasons for the work's controversial nature involve often elaborate interpretations and criticisms of its occult or esoteric provenance or accuracy, by a variety of warring commentators.

In the s some Theosophists advanced the view that the findings of Leadbeater's related clairvoyant investigations were the result of "self-projection" Wood ; like other Krishnamurti-related issues, "the lives of Alcyone" have continued, as of [update] to occasionally be the subject of discussion among theosophists and researchers of Theosophy Alpheus In author Field , pp.

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Lutyens , pp. He further encouraged, in the last few decades of his life, close associates and friends to share their experiences of him. Krishnamurti b. No interpreters are necessary, for each person should observe directly his own activities, not according to any theory or authority. Unfortunately interpreters have sprung up, a fact for which we are in no way responsible.

In recent years several people have asserted they are my successors and that they have been specially chosen by me to disseminate the teachings. I have said, and I again repeat, that there are no representatives of Krishnamurti personally or of his teachings during or after his lifetime. I am very sorry that this has to be said again. Lutyens b , pp. Sartre and J.

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Cite the pepper tree; Nuxoll He himself said publicly to the latter: 'You have come here to pervert what I have to say. He was in general agreement with Krishnamurti's new direction, and opposed to leading Theosophists' related criticism. Dated 24 March The contents of the following pages are heartily offered as a help.

Includes short description and numerous references and footnotes, including interpretations of these events by Krishnamurti and others. Smith: Krishnamurti! There are other minor discrepancies regarding early dates. Lutyens ]. Krishnamurti a. Krishnamurti" September ].