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The new moon in Pisces brings a fresh start to your relationships and a wonderful opportunity to connect on a deep and spiritual level with your partners thanks to the sun meeting with Neptune.

This is a powerful time to heal wounds around relationships and move forward. Action planet Mars connects with dreamy Neptune on March 10, also bringing intriguing conversations your way—if you and your partners could do anything , go anywhere , what would it look like?

The sun connects with Pluto and squares off with Jupiter on March 13, boosting passion this is hot for your sex life! But it also finds you craving comfort—you want to get snuggly at home with your loved ones! Mars connects with Saturn on March 14, finding you feeling brave and wanting to take a calculated risk.

Also circle this date on your calendar as a productive time in your relationships. Mid-March is busy for your ruling planet Mercury. The sun meets Mercury at March 14, bringing an important perspective your way.

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People are acting like know-it-alls, but you know what? You should listen!

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This is the time to separate yourself from people who are no longer serving you or are incapable of serving you! Belief in yourself and an improving attitude to life is where your best opportunities exist. Marriage horoscope matching based on kundli milan. Did you know there are , astrological types? You and your partner may try to understand each other. All times EST.

Important messages from partners will arrive. Mercury retrograde is the time to work this stuff out, so work it out!

Virgo daily horoscope – March 13 12222

This trio brings excellent communication, empathy, imagination and creativity to the relationship. Generally the two are very compatible, as both Water and Earth are real, tangible things.

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Pisces, as a Water Sign, is born to connect humankind, and when they come together with Earth there is not a stronger natural bond. Virgo may have a more stable view of life than their partner. They can help their lover ground that poetic Pisces nature. But it will be easy for them to find a way to work around these disparities. Virgo and Pisces are both Mutable Signs.

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Both like to move from one arena to another as the feeling takes them. They each are continuously inspired and assisted by one another, forming a cyclical ring of new ideas and a steady stream of excitement. Conflict rarely arises between them, and when it does it quickly resolves itself. Both partners have learned the fine art of compromise.

The overall empathy and commitment these two Signs value in a relationship is what will keep the ties strong and long lasting. Have confidence in every move that you make, and don't worry so much that others will look upon you negatively.

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Come on! Everything is ready; the lights, the costumes, the make-up. Don't let your hard work remain just a dream.


Get out there and show them exactly what you can do. The curtain is getting ready to open Your best alternative today is to try to avoid group activities, because the aspects are not especially favorable to them. If you must submit to some inevitable obligation - professional, perhaps - to be a member of a team, plan on negotiating your goals shrewdly, or simply overruling the others.

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Virgo daily horoscope – March 13 retrograde mini-guide for the current Mercury retrograde cycle which lasts until March 28, is here. Daily Horoscopes: March 13, Mar 12 , pm Pluto makes this a powerful day in your relationships, Virgo, and the sun's clash with Jupiter asks.

There won't be many other options open to you. Such is the nature of the day. A female friend could invite you out to go shopping today - and the energy generated by the two of you could tempt you to overspend.

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This is fine - as long as you're prepared to do the belt-tightening that could well come in the days following! However, you're likely to purchase some beautiful stuff.