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Capricorns live in modest homes on vast plots of land, and nearly every citizen has multiple pets that live free-range. There is an underground train—the Vein—that transports people through the Zodiax, its route mapped by subject, not geography.

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The Zodiax contains libraries, museums, galleries, theaters, and more, and all Capricorns are devoted to maintaining and protecting the knowledge housed there—as well as expanding it. House Capricorn represents Wisdom.

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Its people are wise, patient, organized, down-to-earth, by-the-book, stubborn, and conservative. Besides being the wisest people in the universe, Capricorns are also the tallest and shortest: Half the population is tall and dark-skinned, and the other half is short and ruddy-complexioned.

Capricorns believe in quantifying and containing knowledge, so they carry with them a Sensethyser, which they use to capture and create holographic versions of anything new they stumble across, in addition to sending messages and searching the Zodiax database. When pointed at an item, the Sensethyser digests every detail and creates a holographic replica that is simultaneously downloaded in a terminal of the Zodiax for review and classification. I never would have guessed that my helping my girlfriend make money would make such a difference in our relationship.

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Pluto stations direct on October 3, and will continue moving forward through April 25, Over the past five months while Pluto was retrograde, this energy has supported. This page is an ongoing memorial to Jan where you can leave memories, blessings, and messages of love.

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